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Julia Duff

WAY NECKLACE - adjustable layered chain

WAY NECKLACE - adjustable layered chain

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With two closing clasps, this long chain can be clipped & connected in a multitude of unusual combinations. It’s many necklaces in one. So often our path is dictated, leaving little room for self-expression. This necklace gives you the freedom to choose your own way. 

The chain has thick and thinner segments, connected with small rings where you fix the clasp. To start creating:

  1. Decide on the chain length & clip the 1st clasp around your neck. 
    Will you choose a Choker, or a longer look?
  2. Clip the 2nd clasp to create a layered, continuous or hanging effect. 

Let’s Play!


  • Chain type : 4mm and 2nn round link chain
  • Chain length : various
  • Materials: Sterling (925) Silver , with a protective coating of Platinum. Sourced in Europe. 

Handmade in Amsterdam by Julia Duff. This means it takes some time to produce. Please allow between 2-3 weeks for your item to be delivered.


  • Free standard shipping within the Netherlands for all orders above €50
  • Free world-wide shipping for orders of €500 and above. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good quality and versatile

A beautiful chain that makes me want to use it over and over again! I can wear it in many different ways and it pairs well with the Link earring.

Maryse Froling
my new fav everyday necklace

my new fav everyday necklace but w a twist! im wearing the necklace basically everyday, twisting it up for special occassion! feeling strong and elegant at the same time, cant wait to pair them up soon w some julia duff earrings :)

Way too smooth

I love the versatility of the neclace and how it’s divided in bigger and smaller schackles. This gives it a bold look without overdoing it.

Always on!

I am never taking it off - it pairs perfectly with every outfit I wear. Simple and minimal style but yet so rich.
Can’t wait to get my next one