Handmade in Amsterdam

All pieces are made of Sterling Silver, handcrafted by Julia Duff.

Welcome to Julia Duff, my small, independent jewellery brand.
I have a gender inclusive approach to design, creating pieces that can be worn by anyone who wants to feel beautiful and connected to their true self and to others. These designs are strong + minimalistic. They're aimed at empowering you to shine your unique light & embrace your darkness.

The debut collection titled Elemental Connections’, is an exploration of the theme ‘Connection’. From the literal to the abstract. Universal shapes and symbols are used as a common language, with the power to unite us as humanity. 

Designed + made by Julia

I'm Julia. The founder, designer + maker of Julia Duff jewellery.

My jewellery comes with a strong message of love & equality. I believe that we all have the right to feel fierce, seductive and beautiful, no matter of our gender or orientation. Jewellery can help to empower us; giving us the confidence to shine and let ourselves be seen. From the vulnerable & soft to the bold and strong side of our being.

Every piece of Julia Duff jewellery has passed through my hands; sanded, polished and assembled into shining silver pieces for you to wear with pride.

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This Jewellery is handcrafted, from Sterling Silver.

All made by Julia Duff in Amsterdam.

"What I love about silver is it's perfect metallic grey tone. There's also something mysterious & alluring about it... a kind of magic that I can't get enough of. Its a beautiful material to work with" Julia


Julia Duff earrings are designed to be worn asymmetrically. They're sculptural, statement pieces, who need some space to shine. Mix and match by wearing different designs on your left + right side.

Every piece is made from Sterling (925) Silver, with a protective coating of Rhodium. Handmade by Julia Duff in Amsterdam.


    " I feel bold and stylish. Out of all the jewellery I own, this earring most expresses my style and the image I want to put out." Lucas


    "I feel tough and fashionable when I wear it. And I feel a sense of belonging" Natasha


    "Julia Duff pieces are very unique, I love the simple yet 'strong' design." Martijn

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