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Julia Duff

RISE RING - half circle wings

RISE RING - half circle wings

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RISE RING is designed to uplift you. 

It’s a daily reminder of your resilience and potential to soar above life’s challenges. 

The design features a circle split into two elegant halves, creating an adjustable gap at the top for a perfect fit. These semi-circles symbolise your wings; they’re your limitless potential. The bold volume of this piece is softened by its curvy edges, making it both striking and sophisticated.

Embrace the optimism of RISE RING and carry a symbol of your inner strength wherever you go.



  • Sizes :
    The open gap in top means this ring can be fractionally altered in size (up to 0.5mm), ensuring the perfect fit. Select the size closest to your fit.

    • Size 16 - (16mm inner ø ).
      Band width : bottom 5mm, top: 14.7mm

    • Size 17 - (175mm inner ø)
      Band width : bottom 5.2mm, top: 15.7mm

    • Size 18 - (18mm inner ø)
      Band width : bottom 5.5mm, top: 15.9mm

    • Size 19 - (19mm inner ø)
      Band width : bottom 5.8mm, top: 17.4mm

    • Size 20 - (20mm inner ø)
      Band width : bottom 6mm, top: 18.3mm

  • Finish : Matt Satin
  • Materials: Sterling (925) Silver. Protective coating of Rhodium. Sourced in Europe. 

Handmade in Amsterdam by Julia Duff.

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